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The GPT University: College Of Arts And Sciences

The following Professors in the College Of Arts and Sciences are always available to assist:

Economics Professor Dance Professor Digital Humanities Professor China Studies Professor

Chicano And Latina Studies Professor Asian American Studies Professor Applied Physics Professor

American Studies Professor Slavic Languages Professor South Asian Studies Professor

Near East Studies Professor Liberal Arts Professor Astronomy Professor Folklore Studies Professor

Romance Languages Professor Religious Studies Professor East Asia Studies Professor Linguistics Professor

Black Studies Professor Anthropology Professor Art History Professor Natural Sciences Professor

Humanities Professor Comparative Literature Professor Women's Studies Professor Classical Languages Professor

Accounting Professor Applied Mathematics Professor Social Sciences Professor History Assistant

Drama and Theatre Professor Mass Communications Professor Philosophy Professor Creative Writing Professor

English and Literature Professor Nuclear Engineering Professor Environmental Engineering Professor

Linguistics Professor Geology Professor Music Professor Political Science Professor Physics Professor

Biology Professor Chemistry Professor Engineering Professor Mathematics Professor Sociology Professor

Geography Professor Earth Systems Professor Atmosphere and Energy Professor Experimental Psychology Professor

Planetary Astronomy Professor University Linguistics Professor University History Professor

Please check back for more additions....

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